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    So, you sing and/or play. Where do you do it, and who do you do it with? Are you familiar with the various Organizations in Southern California that promote acoustic music? Festivals can be a great place to jam with other musicians, as can the song circles after some of the House Concerts.
    Should you decide you want to play for some different people, most of the Coffee Houses and Guitar Shops have Open Mic Nights. Check Hal's Open Mic and Showcase Guide for more info on some of these. The Helpful Tips For the Performing Songwriter can help you learn the ropes.
    Of course the Music Shops will gladly help you with your instrument needs, but you might want to check the Instruments -- Information, Instruments -- Manufacturers and Instruments -- Accessories links first.
    Learn more about music by reading the Magazines, and find more songs on the Reference links.
    For some tips on technique, you might try some of the more advanced offerings from Homespun Tapes.
    Then again, some times it's better just to listen to Live Music or Recordings or Radio.

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