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    Use the Artists links to find out more about the artists you like, to learn about artists who will be perfoming at your favorite venues, and to discover new artists.
    With the Live Music links you can find out about your favorite places and find some new ones; (if you are not in Southern California, try The Dirty Linen Gig Guide).
    Listen to (and support) acoustic music on the radio.
    Buy a CDs or tapes to listen to. If you do it at a live performance you help support the artists, and you can probably even get an autograph. Of course, you can also buy your recordings from sites on the net.
    If you want to do more than listen passively, check the Organizations links. Almost any organization can find a place for a volunteer, or even just an active member.
    Hopefully you will find the links on the Other Sites page useful, or at least interesting.

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