5 July 2003

Changes in LA Radio
Goodbye John and Deanne

KPFK has announced major changes in their programming effective this month. Of particular interest to members of the acoustic music community are the changes to Folkscene with Howard and Roz Larman, and Heartfelt Music with John and Deanne Davis. Folkscene will move to the Saturday morning slot (8:00 to 10:00) which has been the home of Heartfelt Music; Heartfelt Music has been cancelled.

In his three decade plus run, being joined for the last third of it by his wife, Deanne, John Davis has brought a unique blend of music to LA radio. While most of it was definitely of the acoustic/folk persuasion, the music ranged from Gospel to the irreverent songs of artists such as Robert Earle Keene and Fred Eaglesmith, and it usually carried a positive message. John and Deanne introduced their audience to a number of fine musicians that never got played on any other radio program in LA, that was part of the charm of the show. I would be hard pressed to name any other two hours on LA radio that had as much music that I found worth listening to. Heartfelt Music has been a reason to get up on Saturday morning and a true oasis in the LA radio desert. It will be missed.

John and Deanne have said that they will keep the Heartfelt Music web site up as long as people still find it worth visiting. You can email them at johnjdavisassoc@cs.com. I wish them the best and hope that some other station has the good sense to pick up their fine program.


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