Howard Larman...
FolkScene Host

A look at the Live Music and Organizations sections of this site will prove that Southern California has a truly vibrant folk music scene. Two of the people most responsible for this are Roz and Howard Larman with their FolkScene program on KPFK, although Howard's modesty would probably having him protesting that statement.

But the home page of this web site shows the influence that RozandHoward (it is one word, isn't it?) have had on this community. It starts with the statement, "Dedicated to acoustic music in Southern California ...and beyond." Could anyone think of a better description of the lives of RozandHoward? The design of the page reflects the acoustic/folk music community of Southern California. It starts with the Artists at the top, and then the Live Music and Recordings followed by the Organizations and Music Shops with Other Links at the bottom. But right in the middle of it all you find the link to the Radio section because radio helped create the acoustic/folk music community in Southern California and is the glue that holds it together.

RozandHoward did not just produce a radio program. They became fixtures at local venues where they would come to support live music. Fans who made any effort to talk with them would find them not just approachable but very warm and friendly. Community does not just happen; people like RozandHoward create it.

Unfortunately, we lost Howard on April 21, 2007. We were all blessed to have this gentle, unassuming man at the heart of our community for over 35 years (FolkScene started in 1971). In three and a half decades Howard shared with us the great loves of his life, Roz and the music. Through him we, too, came to know and love them. Many of us discovered folk music and/or gained a greater appreciation of it by listening to Howard's interviews. His calm, courteous inquisitiveness and warm sense of humor put both his guests and his audience at ease and made for well over a thousand hours of truly great radio.

Although Howard's humility would balk at the word "legacy," how else could you describe the recordings of all those interviews? What other word would you use in discussing the community he helped create?

We will miss him. Godspeed, Howard. We love you, Roz.


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